Southern New Jersey's leading professional painter.

Our Services Include:

  • Interior and Exterior Painting

  • Pressure Washing

  • Airless Spraying

  • Repaint Aluminum Siding

  • Plaster Repair

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Sheetrock

  • Taping and Spackling

  • Wallpaper Removal

  • Minor Carpentry Work

We offer a variety of high quality, professionally skilled trades. They include (but are not limited to):

Interior and Exterior Painting

Our top quality painting is unsurpassed. When we paint the exterior of a home or other building we always power wash areas that are to be painted so that the paint will adhere to the surface which translates to a job that will outlast our competitions’. On top of power washing, we always scrape the failing, loose paint from the surface area, then sand and prime the surface to allow for a much stronger bond for the finishing coats of paint. The paint we use offers a manufactures lifetime guarantee against any defects (such as failing and bubbling).

Plaster Repair

Older homes were built using plaster for walling and ceiling material and over the years they will start to crack and fail. Instead of replacing the the plaster with sheetrock, preserve your home’s nostalgia by repairing the trouble spots. Plastering is a highly skilled trade that requires skim coating several thin smooth layers on large holes and cracks. We take tremendous pride in our plaster work, in fact, once the job is completed you’ll never notice where the failing plaster was.


Sheetrock is the modern equivalent to plaster. It comes in large sheets similar to plywood and is also called drywall. The key to a perfect drywall project is to countersink the screws without breaking the paper surface of the drywall. Most companies don’t take the extra time and care that Miller Painting Company does and they often set the screws too deep, which causes an unwanted visual-effect called screw (or nail) popping. When nail pops occur, you will see the screw or nail pushing its way out of your finished wall which leaves unwanted holes and bumps. All of our drywall projects end smooth and last for years. We are so confident in our drywall work that we guarantee it for 5 years.

Water Damage Repair

Have a pipe burst? Did a plumber not seal a pipe joint properly? Did the tub or sink overflow? No matter the reason, water damage happens and it can wreak havoc on plaster or sheetrock. We repair and depending on the extent of damage, replace damaged areas to make them look as good, if not, better than they did before. Larger companies tend to make quick work of these types of projects and often leave behind many imperfections. We prefer to get the job done right the first  time, with no imperfections, and save you money.